'80s Night: In Concert For Noah's Ark & Eleventh Hour Rescue

By YouChoose, LLC (other events)

Saturday, March 10 2012 6:00 PM 10:30 PM
Are you a dog person or a cat person? Do you like rock music? Pop? Metal? The '80s? If you said Yes to any of these, then '80s Night In Concert, a live music benefit show to help raise funds for Noah's Ark Animal Welfare and Eleventh Hour Rescue, is the perfect night out for you. On March 10th, every song played by your YouChoose Band will be by request - so request your favorite '80s song today! Hey, you can even sing and play along with the band if you like.

If you are neither singer nor rock aficionado, you can still buy your ticket right here, right now. Or simply donate to their joint cause: To save the lives of dogs and cats who deserve a second (or, for cats, ninth) chance.

'80s Night: In Concert is a great night out for the whole family. There will be dinner, a cash bar, contests, dancing, a bunch of people dressed like back in the days when MTV still played music videos... It's a great night out for the whole family.

So make that song request before they're all gone. Buy your tickets. Donate to the cause. Help save lives and make a difference. And have an awesome time doing it. See you at the show!

No animals allowed. No aliens from other planets allowed unless they're paying.