Classic Rock Night V

By YouChoose, LLC (other events)

Saturday, February 2 2019 5:30 PM 9:30 PM


Request a song for $50 and get a FREE ticket and dinner.

Buy a ticket now for $35 and save off of the $45 price at the door.  *There is a per-ticket fee by purchasing here that goes to the ticketing company.

Doors at 5:30 PM.
Dinner at 6:00 PM.
Music at 6:30 PM.


If you thought Classic Rock Night IV was a smash - and it was one of our biggest - then you'll love Classic Rock Night V, a benefit concert for the Rotary Club of Wayne (NJ), which distributes the moneys it raises to local charities.

This family event is taking place at the perfect time in 2019.  It's the day before the Super Bowl.  It's during winter, when you're begging the gods to find something, anything to do.  It's on Groundhog Day!  Maybe Bill Murray will perform a song with your YouChoose Band.

Classic Rock Night V features your all-volunteer (meaning UNPAID) YouChoose Band taking your requests in advance and playing them with more passion than even the most ambitious air guitar player.  Or maybe more passion than the bands today who created these songs 30-40 years ago.  The music is awesome (because of your requests) and the community is fun. 

**(Our definition of "Classic Rock" is songs from 1955 - 1993.)

It's a BYOB event.  Tailgate inside during the event.  We don't care.  It's about YOU having FUN! 

It's also a family event, starting early enough in the evening so that it'll be done before bedtime (although if your kid goes to bed at 7pm, it'll be a late night for Lil' Larry).

It'll work like this: If you want the band to play your favorite Classic Rock song, just email Dave at [email protected]  Request your song and we'll get in touch with you.  Song requests cost $50 each and include admission for you AND dinner. 


Song requests cost $50 each and include:

1 song request
1 dinner
1 ticket to the show

That's a lot of cool stuff.  A neat value.

Tickets cost $35 now and $45 at the door.  EVERY ticket INCLUDES dinner.  Yum.

Dinner will cost $15 for kids who come in under the ripe young age of 12.  

Students (must show ID) cost $10 BUT those tickets do NOT include dinner.

Request your song.  Buy your tickets.  Bring your appetites.  Go to this fun event and warm your hearts on a cold winter's night!